Trading Lucario amiibos!


I have managed to get a hold of 2 lucario amiibos!

I have no interest of selling them but to trade 8D
I would be willing to trade for Rosalina, Meta Knight, Captain Falcon, Pit, Little Mac, or Shulk. Please PM me if you are interested!
I will ship anywhere in the US.

Pokemon Wants Post

Before I begin, none of these pictures are mine. If I am using one of yours please let me know so I can change it :3



I know this is a long shot, but looking for both Shadow Lugia and Regular Lugia. This is going to be a grail want that will most likely never happen haha! But one could hope!

5906447_origOne of my favorite loved pokemon!





Kid Figures:

Derpy Collection


Derpy Enterplay Card Bronycon 2014

Interplay Derpy Cards

NYCC Derpy Card Foil and trading cards


MLP Issue 1 Derpy cover, signed by Andy Price

I found the comic at Megacon in Orlando Fl, also where Andy Price was! I have to say he was a pretty cool guy and signed my comic for free! So if you ever go to a MLP convention bring a comic!


Mitsuhiro Arita signed Pokemon Cards



So last weekend a friend and myself went to the Ocala ComicCon!

I have to say it was really fun! Crowded but fun!
There I met the wonderful and amazing artist Mitsuhiro Arita, who’s done many works for the Pokemon TCG series.
I had him sign my Charizard and Gyrados cards

I’ve kept these cards for a very long time and so happy I have!



GoldStar Pokemon Cards:


I think I might die and go to heaven now...


I found Mew at a random WalMart just choosing the oldest pack I could find, then opening the package I screamed with delight cause this Mew was my first ever find of the GoldStar series! Got home and went straight into a sleeve! I'm not sure if I should get it graded or not.


With Registeel I found a really cool person who collected pokemon cards like myself. In my school it was rare! I traded her 4 holo pokemon cards for this big buy and happy I still have him!